Migara Ramanayake

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Migara Ramanayake was brought up with Buddhist teachings and stories. He has studied art since childhood and came to Western Australia to complete a Bachelor of Fine Art. Migara currently works for Atwell Art Gallery as one of their teachers. Migara’s style of art is realistic drawing, he is very detail oriented and uses lead or colour pencils to create his work. Migara became interested in the push and pull between life and death, good and bad, and the meanings that go with it; can someone hurt someone and still be a good person? If someone steals bread to feed their starving family are they really bad? His art often tells a story in which he includes symbolic meanings. Sometimes the viewer is easily aware of what Migara is saying and sometimes the meaning is only known to him.

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Goolugatup Heathcote is located on the shores of the Derbal Yerrigan, in the suburb of Applecross, just south of the centre of Boorloo Perth, WA. It is 10 minute drive from the CBD, the closest train station is Canning Bridge, and the closest bus route the 148.

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