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An Ode to Transperth

Pip Lewi

18 June – 31 July

Join artist Pip Lewi in the commuters lounge for the final instalment of their homage to public transport – An Ode to Transperth. Exploring the many facets of passenger culture, Lewi considers the bus or train as a space that can be both public and intimate. Aimed to cater to the weary traveller and everyday commuter in need of a pick-me-up, Lewi imagines a soothing train carriage as a place of rest and recharge.

Pip Lewi is an artist and casual voyeur currently based in Boorloo (Perth, Western Australia) on unceded Whadjuk Noongar boodja. They seek playful disruptions in the mundane landscape, using portable materials and processes to document everyday ephemera. Their practice considers reframing the flâneur in contemporary Australiana; exploring curious narratives and smirking at visual puns.

POV: you’re the passenger

Alrightttt alright
Seat seat seat
You gotta scan the horizon quickly and make a snap call- any hesitation and you're the dickhead left standing..
Gotta have a good view but not the sunny side

Oh gross someone sat next to me :(

It's ok actually- they seem chill.

*repeats to self*
Beep beep beep

I love her voice. The train lady's voice. What's her name again? Miranda something.. I'll Google it. Miranda Miller!- what a legend honestly. She should do ASMR. I would subscribe.
If I ever meet her in real life I will tell her I'm a big fan of her work- I wonder what her actual job is though, surely doing train voiceovers is a kind of side hustle gig. I wonder how you get that job? Maybe I could do it? Mmm nah

Ok maps says it'll take an hour and 5 minutes to get there all up.
Damn, I feel like if I drove I could get there in 20.
Did I bring my book at least?
Hmm wallet, no. Water bottle, no. Jacket...pawpaw cream...mints? How long have those been in there? No. No book.
That's so typical.
Look, it's not as if you'd be able to concentrate on it anyway, stop lying to yourself.

What kind of suburb name is Daglish? Don't think I've ever been there in my life.
And Oat St? I think that's the only station named after a literal street. Oh, wait. No it's not.

I love the way the light is coming in through the windows right now.
The way it's stretching and moving across the seats. So nice.
Main character moment.

I should get my headphones out.
Pick a good playlist- what do I feel like listening to right now?
.. wait the couple across from me are bitching about some wellness influencer and it sounds really funny

"Yeah she's got so many followers on Tik Tok now, and all she does is look hot in athleisure and sits on a yoga mat acting like she knows what mindfulness is and fake meditates and it's SO ANNOYING I don't get it"
"To be fair, I can't get behind any of that zen stuff. I can't meditate, can't do any of it, so it all feels fake on some level, ya know?"
"Have you ever tried?"
"Maybe a couple times for like 10 minutes but I always get distracted. I just don't think it works on me"
"You should actually give it a go some time. It really helps with my morning routine. Mindfulness is kind of the same thing. You've just gotta practice it and it gets easier"

If I focus on the trees as they whizz past, maybe I can train my eyes to fixate on a spot and it won't be as blurry.

I wonder where the Transperth baby is right now. Is he in high school yet?
Aging is so weird. Time is weird.

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