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Heathcote Select 2015

Anna Louise Richardson, Jarrad Martyn, Jordy Hewitt, Mark Tweedie, Serena Lumley, Kim Kim Kim, Iain Dean, Tessa McOnie and Scott Armstrong aka hi8us

3 October to 2 November 2015​

Anna Louise Richardson’s practice focuses on issues of regionalidentity, inter-generational communication and the intersection of art,artefact and material culture. Working primarily in painting and drawing, Annaexplores different ways to articulate the complexities of rural identity andchanging relationships with the land in a contemporary Australian environment.

Jarrad Martyn investigates how we engage with spaceto gain a greater understanding of it, as well as the broader theme of ourreliance on bodies of authority as purveyors of ‘truth’. His practice involvescollapsing the distinctions between figuration and expressionism, the real andthe imagined, and the past and present to create an open ended set of externaland internal meanings through painting, collage and installation.  

Jordy Hewitt was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Artsfrom Curtin University in 2014. Hewitt has exhibited nationally in solo, groupand prize exhibitions. Hewitt’s work is motivated by her personal life and actsas a process of translation, requiring authenticity, vulnerability andintensity. She sees making as the most comprehensive way to comprehend andcommunicate experience.

Mark Tweedie’s practice primarily explores themes ofmortality and mental health. His works are highly personal and often rawdepictions of private and universal health conditions ordinarily shielded frompublic consumption. Stylistically, Mark amplifies the sculptural and gesturalcapabilities of oils whilst concurrently revealing underlying surfaces andtextures.


Serena Lumley is a painter and printmaker. Serenagraduated from Fine Arts at Edith Cowan University in 2009 and since then hasbeen selected to take part in exhibitions both locally and internationally.Through her work, Serena explores the effects that shadow and light can have onordinary spaces and objects, transforming them from the ordinary and familiarinto the strange and unknown.


Kim Kim Kim is a visual artist from South Korea whocurrently lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. Her art practicespecializes in oil painting and drawing. Many of Kim Kim’s works are centred ondepicting the portraits of individuals within her generation- early twenties.The works are an attempt to understand the possible anxieties faced by these individuals,living in a first world demographic. By using painting, Kim Kim aims to engagethe audience in a realisation of how our perception of portraiture has beenaffected by photography.


Scott Armstrong aka hi8us - Painting and drawing onanything he could find had been a big part of Scott’s early childhood days,despite his partial colour-blindness ( red-green). Armstrong has developed overthe years into both pop art and street art stencil based styles. Bold coloursand mixed media elements are introduced with his strong love of music and popculture also highly evident in much of his work.


Iain Dean Reaching back to a pre-digitalisedpast, while working in the age of information overload, Dean juxtaposessporadic and conflicting historical art references in his work. He adopts therole of a rogue animator; repeatedly ripping and distorting recognisablecharacteristics indicative of Modernist heavyweights. In his own works, Dean’smain concern for his work is to create “non- hierarchical, non-judgmentalimages free of ideology or message in a kind of free association of imagery andideas”.


Tessa McOnie - Over several years of collaborative work with photographer, Lisa Kyle,Tessa McOnie paints sensual portraits of two models, reflecting unique layersof their psyche. Forming their vulnerabilities and strengths in softly paintedlayers, Tessa pays homage to the depth of their unique humanity. “Beyond thesomewhat suggestive nature of these works lies a much deeper and personalexperience I’m attempting to paint. It is with the utmost respect that I havefor these women that their portraits come to life.”

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Goolugatup Heathcote is located on the shores of the Derbal Yerrigan, in the suburb of Applecross, just south of the centre of Boorloo Perth, WA. It is 10 minute drive from the CBD, the closest train station is Canning Bridge, and the closest bus route the 148.

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The Gallery is open 10-4 weekdays, 12-4 weekends, and closed public holidays. The grounds are open 24/7.